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    If you change scanning settings on pda, after restarting the pda, you won’t see those changes


     Connect to your PDA using SOTI and check to see if following file exists:


    this file contains all default Honeywell settings for scanning. 

    Deleting this file (DeviceCollection.xml) will fix your problem.


    If you set language or wifi connection parameters and after rebooting pda, you see that your settings are gone.


     Connect to your PDA using SOTI and check to see if following file exists:


    This file contains all default Honeywell settings. 

    Deleting this file (DeviceConfig.xml) will fix your problem.

    1. Add wts.neopost.com or the ip address of the WTS-P to trusted sites and assure Enable Protected Mode is NOT checked. 
    2. If the customer has Internet Explorer 10 or 11 make sure compatibility mode is OFF. If Internet Explorer 9 is being used make sure compatibility mode is ON.

    To change your password:

    • Click on your login name at the top left of your dashboard.

    This will bring up your own, personal user account details.

    • Your login information will be displayed. 
    • Simply click on the box that says password and type in your new desired password. 
    • To finish, simply click submit.

    Please note that new passwords must follow the password strength rules: 

    • Minimum of 8 characters. 
    • Mixed case containing numbers and symbols.

    The Password Strength Meter will show you whether your password is strong enough. 

    If your desired password is not deemed strong enough, make it stronger by changing the case of some of the letters and by replacing some letters with numbers.

    Basically, make the password hard to guess to protect your account from unauthorized use.

    Your new password is read to use.

    • If you are having Java issues, try the following settings to see if your issues are solved.

    General Tab

    1. Go to Settings. 
    2. Check "Keep temporary files on my computer" and change the Disk Space to 200MB.

    Security Tab

    1. Check "Enable Java content in the browser. 
    2. Add the site to the exception list.

    WTS Customers add: https://wts.neopost.com & http://wts.neopost.com

    WTS-P Customers add: http://ipaddress (For main WTS-P Computer)

    Advanced Tab

    1. Scroll Down to the bottom and check "Place Java icon in system tray". This setup will show customers that Java started in WTS/ WTS-P to assure it is working.

    Applying Settings

    1. After all settings are done select "Apply" and then "OK". 
    2. Close browser and reopen.
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