NeoSlogan makes it simple to put your branding messages and advertising slogans on every envelope your company sends out. Thanks to this web-based solution, it’s very quick and easy to create your own customised message for your postage meter machine. You will be able to download your new slogan to your mailing system only few hours after its creation.

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  • FAQ

    • 1. How to perform Generic Call

      • Press ‘Menu
      • Scroll to ‘Online Services’ and press ‘OK
      • Select ‘Generic Call’ and press ‘OK
      • When the call has finished successfully, press the Home key
    • 2. How to set a Default Slogan

      • Press ‘Menu
      • Scroll to ‘Supervisor’ and press ‘OK
      • Enter the Supervisor PIN and press ‘OK’ (to obtain your Supervisor PIN please log in to your MyNeopost account)
      • Scroll to ‘Default User Settings’ and press ‘OK
      • Scroll to ‘Default Imprint Parameters’ and press ‘OK
      • Press ‘OK’ on ‘Default ERA
      • Please check the list for the name of your slogan and if found press ‘OK’ and then press the Power button twice
      • If not found please press the back arrow, scroll to ‘Slogan’ and press ‘OK
      • Please check the list for the name of your slogan and if found press ‘OK
      • Press the Power button twice and the slogan will now be defaulted to print on every item you frank 
    • 3. To delete a Slogan from your Machine

      • Press ‘Menu
      • Scroll to ‘Supervisor’ and press ‘OK
      • Enter the supervisor PIN and press ‘OK’ (to obtain your Supervisor PIN please log in to your MyNeopost account)
      • Scroll to ‘Options and Updates’ and press ‘OK
      • Locate the name of the slogan you wish to delete from the options (Slogan or ERA) and press ‘OK
      • Press ‘OK’ on ‘Delete
      • Press ‘OK’ to confirm the selection
      • Press the Power button twice to return to the main screen

    Ensure that your Franking Machine is connected to the LAN. Go to Menu > Online Services > OK > Generic Call > OK when the transaction has completed successfully, press OK and then the Back button twice.

    You have to default the slogan in the Supervisor mode. Go to Menu > Supervisor (enter the Supervisor PIN) > Default User Settings > Default Imprint Parameters > Slogan or ERA > Select the desired Slogan and press OK.

    • To exit the Supervisor mode press the Sleep/Wake (Power) button twice.

    Yes, they can be deleted. Go to Menu > Supervisor (enter the 5 digit Supervisor PIN) > Options & Updates > Update Slogan > Select the desired Slogan to delete and press OK > Press Delete > Press Delete > Press the Sleep/Wake (Power) button twice to exit the Supervisor Mode.
    • Repeat the above steps to delete more Preloaded Slogans as required.

      To test that the Slogan is now set as the default, print a Zero value impression to check that the correct Slogan is now printing.

    The accepted formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp – the maximum size for the file is 2MB with a maximum resolution of 300 PPI.

    Your company address may be made up of several elements. The mandatory elements required for your Return Address are:

    • Organisation Name (if not included in a logo*), Thoroughfare, Post Town and Post Code

      For example:

      Neopost Ltd                    becomes                Neopost Ltd

      Neopost House                                             South Street

      South Street                                                Romford

      Romford                                                      RM1 2AR


      RM1 2AR

      * If a Logo has been included that contains the Company name, then there is no need to also include the Company name as part of the Return Address text. 

    Royal Mail Return Address specifications state that all punctuation may be removed from a Return Address, even if it is contained in the corresponding PAF® (Postcode Address File) record....

    • Two elements of a Return Address cannot be placed on the same line separated by a comma, for example:

      Romford, Essex

      Ltd should never have a full stop placed after it

      Mr Neopost & Co is acceptable

    There are over 160 slogans available in the Slogan Library.
    Your Franking Machine can hold a maximum of ten slogans at any one time. Note – Your Franking Machine comes preloaded with 8 slogans.

    The only special characters that can be used with NeoSlogan are ( ) - /

    See example:

    • Neopost (UK) Ltd

      1-3 South Street

      Neopost Ltd T/A Neopost Supplies

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