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    If you change scanning settings on pda, after restarting the pda, you won’t see those changes


     Connect to your PDA using SOTI and check to see if following file exists:


    this file contains all default Honeywell settings for scanning. 

    Deleting this file (DeviceCollection.xml) will fix your problem.


    You are unable to take photos when using the PDA as there is no Camera icon available on the Modify or Receive screen.


    1. You need to activate the fields Damages in admin for 'customize field names' for your job profile in the WTS Web Application.

    2. Now you should be able to see the button capture image.


    Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

    CPU:  2 GHZ - 32 or 64 bits

    Memory: at least 1 GB ram

    Hard Drive : 50 MB Free hard disk space

    Features: .NET Framework 4.0

    Chrome, Edge and Firefox are supported. Latest version is recommended

    Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported.

    Display issues


    Icons for Menu are not displayed correctly.


    1. Refresh browser page by pressing Ctrl + F5, this ensures the latest style version is being displayed. 
    2. Clear Browser's cache- google for understanding how to clear the cache for the browser you are currently using.

    WTS uses Java to perform important functions:

    • Label Printing 
    • Signature Capture

    Java should always be updated to the latest version for optimal performance.

    *To Download the latest version of Java, go to Java.com

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