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    Customers’ data are stored in in a multi-tenant database databases and are not encrypted.
    Access policy for the customer is set on application level.

    As the application gives the ability to manage Parcels Locker machines and track parcels, we collect user, recipient, mail/parcel attributes information. These pieces of information can be used for support purposes such as bug fixing but are never used for any commercial purposes (marketing, stats, …).

    Data entry is performed manually through the application web site. Also, email addresses and contacts can be imported manually or automatically via FTP, FTPS and SFTP.

    Vulnerability checks are performed weekly and manage accordingly to the Vulnerability & Patch management. Intrusion and security testing is conducted on software application periodically and prior to any software release.

    We only engage with 3rd parties and subcontractors who are compliant with necessary security and privacy laws. Each version is tested by our Software Quality Control team prior to deployment to production.

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