Tariff Change

  • The Royal Mail have announced that a full tariff change will take place on Monday 25th March 2019. All Neopost Download, Memory Card, & Rate Chip instruction documents and videos are now available on this product page. Just click on the appropriate heading to reveal the content.

    New downloadable tariff charts and other pricing information will soon be available from the Royal Mail: http://www.royalmail.com/prices2019
  • FAQ

    Will I be charged for an updated tariff?

    This will depend on the type of service agreement you have with us. We contact all customers explaining the level of cover they have subscribed to.
    What is a Royal Mail Tariff Change?

    When Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide change their pricing, your Neopost franking machine needs to be updated with the new tariff. Royal Mail and Neopost inform you in advance of an upcoming tariff change so you can ensure the correct postal tariffs are being used.
    This process involves one of the following:

    How do I know if my machine has been updated with the new tariff?

    • After you have completed the download or loaded the rate chip into your machine there will be no change to the prices until the effective date (26th March 2018). Please check the rates in your machine on the 26th to ensure that they have been updated.

    I tried using my Franking Machine and the following error ocurred:


    Rate table expiration date passed.

    What do I need to do?

    Please visit our main Tariff Change page for Downloads (Online machines), Installations (Memory Card Machines) & Fitting Instructions (Scales Tariff Packs) available in downloadable and printable PDF documents.