• FAQ

    Ho do I find the Pre Pay Business Reply Envelope selection in the Tariff list within my Mailmark Franking Machine?

    Process to follow:
    1. Press the Stamp key image
      • Note* applies to all IS Range models except for IS-5000/6000 touch screen machines, select the "Other Rates" key.
    2. Select "Wizard" to display the Mail Class list.
      • The Pre Pay Business Reply selection is at the end of the list.
    3. Scroll UP once and the end of the Mail Class list will appear.
    4. Select either 1st or 2nd Class from the following options:
      • PrePay Reply 1st
      • PrePay Reply 2nd
    5. Press OK.
    6. Press OK for "Inland" which is the only selection available.
    7. Select from the following options:
      • Letter
      • Large Letter
    8. Press OK.
    9. Place your letter onto the scale
      • Note that Models IS-460/480/5000/6000 with an in-line scale: Speedweigh or Dynamic Scale will weigh automatically on the conveyor, otherwise manually.
      • For all models Autostamp2/IS-240/280/330/350/420/440 the letter must be weighed manually.
    10. Frank your mail.
     Remember that this Pre Pay Mail Class will remain on your machine and frank all mail until you manually change the class back to standard letter etc...

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