Mailmark™ Engineer Install Only for IS-460/480/5000/6000

Why are the IS-460/480/5000/6000 machines Engineer Install Only for Mailmark™?
There are no OLS Customer Mailmark™ Downloads available for the IS-460; IS-480; IS-5000; IS-6000.

This is why your Service Manager was sent the software last month with instructions to distribute to their Engineers. Therefore there is no need to call Technical Support for the software, just speak with your Manager who will provide you with the relevant information.
  • Check out the other FAQ's for full details on the Upgrade process
  • Don't forget to Save the Customer Data prior to downloading the Mailmark™ software


Date created:
04/14/2014 14:50:07
Last updated:
04/14/2014 14:50:56
IS-460, IS-480, IS-5000, IS-6000