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    Top Support Flapper Spring is getting damaged and a replacement set has been introduced.

    To prevent the spring getting damaged by its movement both spring 56309019 and hub 50901520 have been modified.
    In case the spring has to be replaced also the hub should be replaced as its diameter has been altered.

    For this reason a kit has been introduced with part number A009294 containing bot the spring and the hub.

    1x 56309019, SPRING Revisie B
    1x 50901520, Spacer Revisie C

    Possible cause: Envelopes bnot placed properly in the hopper.

    The date on the cartridge is simply the date is was manufactured.

    The date on the box is the expiration date only if the cartridge has remained uninstalled. Once installed, the cartridge has no expiration date.

    • 1. How to perform Generic Call

      • Press ‘Menu
      • Scroll to ‘Online Services’ and press ‘OK
      • Select ‘Generic Call’ and press ‘OK
      • When the call has finished successfully, press the Home key
    • 2. How to set a Default Slogan

      • Press ‘Menu
      • Scroll to ‘Supervisor’ and press ‘OK
      • Enter the Supervisor PIN and press ‘OK’ (to obtain your Supervisor PIN please log in to your MyNeopost account)
      • Scroll to ‘Default User Settings’ and press ‘OK
      • Scroll to ‘Default Imprint Parameters’ and press ‘OK
      • Press ‘OK’ on ‘Default ERA
      • Please check the list for the name of your slogan and if found press ‘OK’ and then press the Power button twice
      • If not found please press the back arrow, scroll to ‘Slogan’ and press ‘OK
      • Please check the list for the name of your slogan and if found press ‘OK
      • Press the Power button twice and the slogan will now be defaulted to print on every item you frank 
    • 3. To delete a Slogan from your Machine

      • Press ‘Menu
      • Scroll to ‘Supervisor’ and press ‘OK
      • Enter the supervisor PIN and press ‘OK’ (to obtain your Supervisor PIN please log in to your MyNeopost account)
      • Scroll to ‘Options and Updates’ and press ‘OK
      • Locate the name of the slogan you wish to delete from the options (Slogan or ERA) and press ‘OK
      • Press ‘OK’ on ‘Delete
      • Press ‘OK’ to confirm the selection
      • Press the Power button twice to return to the main screen
    By default 3 factory jobs are programmed on the IM-35. Here you can find the explanation of these 3 default jobs.

    Explanation of default jobs

    1. J1 = F1; Empty envelope partially transported out of the extractor unit. Contents transported to the receiving tray. The next cycle starts once the contents are removed from the receiving tray. Daily mail  mode,  including  extraction.
    2. J2 = F2; Empty envelope fully transported to the back side. Contents transported to the receiving tray. The  next cycle  automatically  starts,  based  on the set  cycle  time.  Automatic  mode,  including extraction.
    3. J3 = F3; Each envelope is cut at up to three sides and exited at the front side, including its contents. The next cycle automatically starts, based on the set cycle time. Automatic mode without extraction.
    Ho do I find the Pre Pay Business Reply Envelope selection in the Tariff list within my Mailmark Franking Machine?

    Process to follow:
    1. Press the Stamp key image
      • Note* applies to all IS Range models except for IS-5000/6000 touch screen machines, select the "Other Rates" key.
    2. Select "Wizard" to display the Mail Class list.
      • The Pre Pay Business Reply selection is at the end of the list.
    3. Scroll UP once and the end of the Mail Class list will appear.
    4. Select either 1st or 2nd Class from the following options:
      • PrePay Reply 1st
      • PrePay Reply 2nd
    5. Press OK.
    6. Press OK for "Inland" which is the only selection available.
    7. Select from the following options:
      • Letter
      • Large Letter
    8. Press OK.
    9. Place your letter onto the scale
      • Note that Models IS-460/480/5000/6000 with an in-line scale: Speedweigh or Dynamic Scale will weigh automatically on the conveyor, otherwise manually.
      • For all models Autostamp2/IS-240/280/330/350/420/440 the letter must be weighed manually.
    10. Frank your mail.
     Remember that this Pre Pay Mail Class will remain on your machine and frank all mail until you manually change the class back to standard letter etc...

    The most common reason for PSD Locked is through lack of regular connection to the credit server.

    Click one of the options below depending on your screen type, product or connection type

    IN-360 & IS-240/280/280c/290i/330/350/350c/420/420c/430
    Mailmark Home Screen for IN-360 & IS-240/280/280c/290i/330/350/350c/420/420c/430  Using a LAN connection
    IN-600 & IS-440 only
    Mailmark Home Screen for IN-600 and IS-440  Using a LAN connection
    Only for MODELS: IS-240/280/280c/290i/Autostamp2
    Mailmark Home Screen for IN-360 & IS-240/280/280c/290i/330/350/350c/420/420c/430  Using a PC Meter Link



    If you change scanning settings on pda, after restarting the pda, you won’t see those changes


     Connect to your PDA using SOTI and check to see if following file exists:


    this file contains all default Honeywell settings for scanning. 

    Deleting this file (DeviceCollection.xml) will fix your problem.

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