1. Required settings:

    1. Make sure you are on the home screen of the [Received] type of imprint.

      1. The type of imprint is indicated at the top of the home screen as illustrated.

    2. Check or change the type of imprint.

      1. Press to access the Build imprint screen:

        To change the type of imprint, select Imprint type and then select [Received] in the Type of imprint screen. For more details, see How to Change the Current 'Type of Imprint'.

        Additionally, you can:

        • Activate or deactivate printing the date.
        • Activate or deactivate printing 'Received'.
        • Select the option to change. The buttons indicate the current status of the options. The screen indicates the current status of the options.
        • Press to return to the home screen.
  2. You can also apply this optional setting:

    1. Move the imprint away from the envelope edge for thick envelopes: see How to Move the Imprint (Print Offset).

You are now ready to print.

Date created:
03/12/2014 22:24:52
Last updated:
10/17/2014 22:51:21