1. To add credit to the Meter:

    1. Either:

    2. Select Add Credit.

    3. If the system asks for a PIN code, enter the code using the keypad and press [OK].

      1. The Credit Screen is displayed.

        By default, the system displays the value of the previous transaction.

    4. Enter the amount of credit to add using the keypad (use C to clear a digit).

      1. Note

        The amount must be in multiples of 10 and in the range of Minimum reset amount and Maximum reset amount.

        Minimum reset amount £10.00

        Maximum reset amount £50000.00 

    5. Press [OK] to start the connection to the Postal Server.

      1. If the crediting process is successful, the system displays a successful message.

        If crediting fails, the system displays a failure message and the amount that you may actually add, depending on your postal account balance.

        In the case of a communication error, the amount previously entered cannot be changed. Check connection settings (see Connection Settings).
    6. You can open the Credit Used / Credit Available screen to check your account balance once the transaction is complete (see How to Check the Meter Credit).

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