• Supervisor Settings

    Your Franking Machine has one supervisor PIN code that allows you to configure the default settings and perform other functions such as managing accounts and access rights, generating certain reports, etc.

    The Supervisor PIN code of the system has been provided to your organization in a separate distribution.

    The supervisor settings allow you to:

    • Change the default user settings.
    • Modify system time-outs.
    • Set credit warnings (high amount, low credit) and activate a crediting PIN code.
    • Define a default weighing method for mailing, and calibrate the weighing devices.
    • Design a default imprint (rate, ERA, slogan), activate the Automatic Date Advance function and set a default printing offset.
    • Activate sealing mode as default setting.
    • Enter connection parameters.
Date created:
03/12/2014 22:34:50
Last updated:
10/17/2014 23:41:41