1. Printer
    2. Ink Tanks – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Black
    3. Printhead Cartridge
    4. Media Side Guides: Registration (Fixed) and Adjustable – mounting screws attached to Printer
    5. Rear Media Support Guide – thumbscrew attached to Printer
    6. Media Support Wedges: Narrow and Wide – mounting hardware attached to Rear Media Support Guide
    7. Envelope Printing Attachment (Use when printing large volume envelope jobs) 
    8. AC Power Cord
    9. USB Cable
    10. Operator Manual
    11. Driver Software CD

    Before using the printer the following must be done:

    • Choose a location for the printer 
    • Unpack and assemble the printer 
    • Hydrate the Printhead Cartridge
    • Remove the Service Station Transport Tab
    • Plug in the Printer and connect it to the computer
    • Install the Printer Driver
    • Install the Ink Tanks
    • Install the Printhead 
    • Set up the feed on the Printer
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10/18/2012 11:09:26
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AS-970C Mach5