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  • In July 2021, Royal Mail will change the way surcharge payments are collected. Please see the FAQs to find out more about the new process.

  • United Kingdom Surcharge

  • FAQ

    Royal Mail want to improve the way that underpayment charges are collected.
    • Improvements in technology have allowed them to simplify the process, meaning you will be paying less for underpayment charges.
    • You will no longer have to frank the underpayment total amount onto a reply card and return this to Royal Mail – saving you time and effort.

    For more information on the surcharge payment changes, please see below or call Royal Mail on 0345 611 3111.

    If Royal Mail identify that you have accidentally underpaid on some mail, the details will be captured and your mail will be sent on its way. Each week a summary file of the underpaid mail for your machines will be supplied to us at Quadient. We will process this file and show the details of the underpayments on your next postage invoice/statement.

    Royal Mail recommends:
    1. Prior to franking your mail, you separate your mail by size and destination. Set up a domestic mail and international mail in-tray.
    2. Displaying a size guide by your franking machine so staff get to know the different sizes for letters and large letters.
    3. Remember to train holiday cover and new staff on how to use the franking machine, the different mail sizes and what UK and International appropriate products are available through your franking machine.

    Royal Mail see a large number of Large Letters franked as though they were Letters or mail going to international destinations (i.e. to the Republic of Ireland), franked as though it is going to a UK destination. The franking top tips page on, contains how to videos, posters and other useful tools to help you and your staff frank your mail correctly first time, every time.

    Unfortunately on older franking machines with non-Mailmark technology, underpayments can only be identified by manually checking each piece of mail. Not only is this expensive for Royal Mail but the resulting data is not in a format that could be sent to us.

    If you have a Mailmark franking machine, any surcharge payments will be collected using the new process. Any non Mailmark machines, such as IJ range machines, will still receive a surcharge card from Royal Mail.

    Safeguarding your mail and money is very important to us. That is why Royal Mail have been working very closely with us at Quadient to make sure all transactions are secure and clearly visible on your statement.

    The information that Royal Mail capture is transferred to us using a secure link and only contains meter die and error data. We at Quadient have no visibility of the actual error; this information is available to Royal Mail only. If you think there is anything unusual in the underpayment charge, please contact Royal Mail on 0345 611 3111.

    The statement will show the date, the number of items underpaid the adjustment type and the total underpaid amount and admin fee. These entries will show on the postage invoice/statement as follows:
    • underpaid int - This is an International underpayment.
    • ltr/lrg ltr - This is where an item(s) has been paid as a letter but was actually a large letter.
    • Misc - This will be items that have been manually surcharged and do not fall in to above two categories.

    We will make the adjustments on behalf of Royal Mail for any underpayments. These adjustments will be clearly shown on your postage invoice/statement.

    If you want to discuss any of these underpayment charges, please call Royal Mail on 0345 611 3111. We (Quadient) won’t be able to assist with queries about underpayments as all of the supporting information is held securely by Royal Mail.

    The most common international mistake that Royal Mail see is mail going to the Republic of Ireland franked using a domestic only product or service. Remember the Republic of Ireland is an international destination.

    Top tip – Make sure the delivery address is clear in the window for windowed envelopes and that the contents are not folded or inserted in such a way that they may slip, causing the address to no longer be visible in the window. If contents slip, it can mean that sensitive information is visible in the address window and makes processing mail more difficult. This could cause a delay to your mail and in some extreme cases the visible text could be read as an international destination.

    This change is not about making money or penalizing customers. Royal Mail would rather not have to charge customers for underpaid mail because all mail was correctly paid in the first instance. For every item surcharged they will have seen the item and made sure that it is processed quickly and continues to the end destination without delay.

    We will make an adjustment to your Credifon or Neofunds postage account on behalf of Royal Mail. All charges made will be detailed on your postage invoice/statement. Royal Mail will no longer be sending you letters about the collection of these underpayments.

    If you want to discuss any of these underpayment charges, please call Royal Mail on 0345 611 3111. We (Quadient) won’t be able to assist with queries about underpayments as all of the supporting information is held securely by Royal Mail.

    Underpayment details will be shown on your postage invoice/statement. This may be sent to you weekly or monthly, dependant on your current preferences.

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